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Why wait 6 months for a conventional brick built extension when You can have it built in under a week !

Why Modular


Stage One

Digitally map the site


Stage Two

Dig the padstone foundations and any other ground works.


Stage Three

Construct the Base section


Stage Four

Construct the walls with DPM


Stage Five

Construct the roof and make watertight.

Why use bricks and mortar, which is an age old method of building a house when you can now be using the same method that all commercial buildings are made from, a steel frame! 

Until now it would have been too expensive to build a house in the same way as a commercial building but due to modern fabrication methods the price has now become affordable.

Here at HousExtension we use a state-of-the-art modular extension system which has been designed for fast installation to the highest standards.

The steel based modular home extension system removes the need for major foundations (only pads needed), bricklayers, diggers, skips, and pre-mix concrete wagons.

This System is a proven solution for building bases and walls – no mess, no hassle and only taking a fraction of the time to install – are just a few of its benefits. It comprises of a bespoke steel base and wall, made to your exact specifications, thus ensuring it is a perfect fit for your building – every time!

So why do some people say that prefabricated modular builds are inferior to brick ? Is it because they want to stay in the dark ages with brick, whilst 100% of ALL commercial buildings are made from a steel frame.  Getting any mortgage approval is the same as before as our buildings are made from steel and not just wooden SIPS panels.

Our Modular system alleviates much of the hard work and most of the problems associated with the old style construction, but still provides a safe, strong and firm foundation for your buildings. Our arrives in kit form. The only foundations required are a number of concrete pads placed at strategic points around the base. This means far less excavation work and waste material to dispose of compared to other methods of base construction. The System is also very quick to install. An average base and wall can be installed in less than two days!

• Fast Installation In less than 5 Days
• Unrivalled Insulation Values
• 25 Year Guarantee
• Choice of Brick Option or Render
• Cutting Edge Technology
• Leading The Way In Modular Build Systems


U-Values … The following U-values of can now be achieved:

Walls – 0.18W/m 2k Floors – 0.18W/m 2k

Outer layer 3 parts – Brick slip, high density insulation board, structural ply

Base Frame – Heavy duty steel frame with adjustable legs

Hollow Wall Carcase – galvanised steel frame

Flooring – 22mm moisture chipbaord over insulation and sttructural ply

Rear, Side or Wrap-around extensions

London’s HousExtension offer the complete service in transforming your home. So what ever type of Home Extension you are after, whether it’s a rear extension, side extension, or a complete wrap around home extension we can help you give your home the wow factor that you seeking.

Homes and the way we use them are also evolving in that we now favour more open-plan kitchen environments rather than the traditional tucked away kitchen.

Create open, bright and contemporary kitchen living spaces that combine cooking, dining and living within one social and inviting area.

The key to creating the perfect open-plan home extension is getting the space right first and leaving the choice of kitchen units and the design detail until later.

Maximise the potential of a home for less than the cost of moving. It removes the upheaval, you can stay close to friends, family and it will add value to your home.  You may wonder whether it’s worth losing some garden to create a bigger kitchen.  The answer is almost certainly yes.  As long as the kitchen extension doesn’t put you out of kilter proportionally, inside space holds more value.

If the garden is on the small side, big glass bi-fold doors and matching floors to patios creates the inside/outside living space that works.

We can provide the full range of skills that are required for the management and completion of all your building works. From initial Design through to Planning, complying with Building Regulations, to building your dream kitchen extension.

About Us

We are based in South London and cover within the south M25 region.  Our team of professional builders are skilled in all aspects of building work, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, plastering and other profession required to give you that perfect finish.

Each project begins with an in-depth consultation where we listen to and discuss your requirements and expectation and ensure we gather all the information required to produce a quotation and design.

Following the consultation, we produce 3D-quality perspectives of your design which give a clear indication of your completed project along with a full quotation of estimated costs based on the materials and appliances agreed from our initial consultation.

Having discussed the project in detail and ensuring we are in agreement with the quotation and designs, we request a reasonable deposit to build the modular extension and order building materials.

From the agreed start date (usually 2 weeks before the prefab is delivered), our team of builders carry out the work in accordance with the agreed plans.

Once your home extension is complete, we make sure it’s ready for you to start enjoying without delay.


What you pay for a home extension depends on the type you undertake. At current prices (October 2021) we would offer the following guide price per square meter. Note this excludes VAT and fees.

Guide Price Per Square Meter

• Rear or side return extension — £1,500  to £2,400

• Architects fees — a typical £55,000 to £95,000 extension would be in the region of £800 to £4000 for planning drawings.  Architects can vary enormously.

• Engineer’s structural design fees — in the region of £600 to £1,800 for a single beam to more complex RSJ frameworks.

• Planning and certificate of lawful development fees — If you cannot carry out your extension under Permitted Development Rights then a householder planning application costs £172. If you’re using your Permitted Development Rights, we advise you obtain a certificate of lawful development for £86. This certificate takes away any uncertainty and you can produce it when selling the property

• Building Control fees — in the region of £960 top £1,200

• Party wall arrangement fees — Budget about £950.00 per neighbour

Modular Base

Secured to the existing house and laid on padstone foundations in one day.  Fully insulated to exceed current Building Control requirements.

Rendered or Brick

The outside can be rendered in any colour or brick clad in the factory from a wide choice of brick styles & colours.


We can supply quartz, granite or solid wood worktops at trade prices.

Modular Walls

Made from rolled gauge steel and with a warranty of 25 years are walls go up in just one day !

We can design and supply any kitchen style, shape or colour.



Building mutually beneficial partnerships with our suppliers matters to us. By creating positive relationships and using our purchasing power, we are able to secure the best value goods and services for our customers, helping us to constantly improve our business and that of our supply chain.


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